Embodying Yoga is a platform/ space, that allows one to explore the way we respond to ourselves and our environment, connecting and listening to the process of our body. It is a platform for discovery, play, connecting those who care about their community  and planet we live on, those who care about  creating safe and sustainable  space for ourselves and others.  EY provides yoga classes(asana) across Edinburgh and is open to wide range of  collaboration .

Why would I choose yoga?

The physical element of yoga practice is becoming an essential part of our life, helping us to improve focus through daily tasks, connecting to our body and our environment while conditioning the deepest and hidden parts of ourselves.  The practice itself can vary from vigorous and dynamic, which aims to strengthen and purify body and mind, to restorative and body-centring  breathing techniques, which allow us to connect to our present state, our thoughts, emotions and ideas or goals. It highlights our unique qualities and truths, allowing us to practice mindfulness towards ourselves and others. Yoga allows one to create space to be,to heal, to grow and transform.



Jason Crandell



Regular practice reaches and opens deeper layers of ourselves and enables us to use greater energy storage we all carry within. Newfound flexibility brings a smoother flow of breath, prana or energy within the body, which portrays itself in the way we navigate through daily tasks, it plays a major role in decision making and the way we respond. Flexibility on the mat brings flexibility to  life.


Often demanding, modern life can bring a division between what we think, how we feel or even act.

Yoga practice, in most forms and styles, allows us to connect those currents, allowing us to leave the mat as a whole, centred and charged up being, ready for a greater challenge. Yoga is a sculpting tool, that creates a balanced body, healthy, resourceful mind and sense of greater belonging.


The time spent on the mat is never lost. Regardless of how long or short, your practice is, physically demanding or restorative. It allows one to build up a greater understanding of the unique functioning of our bodies, our attachments, our weaknesses and as well as strengths. Becoming stable in who we allow us to grow and develop our potential.

Which practice is right for me?

Choosing your practice depends on many factors, the season of the year, the relationship you have with your body and the pace of your life, and the time you can allow on regular bases will change your experience from one day to another.. Practice will change, develop and simplify as you embark on the journey of getting to know your body, continuously challenging the preconceptions of mind. This ancient healing practice has been modified  into so many forms these days, that one can easily choose a practice, which support an active lifestyle or allows one to embark on a journey of self-discovery and re-connection.

Embodying yoga provides a range of classes of yin and yang fusion, gentle yin classes, traditional Hatha and restorative practices, for private and commercial clients, on both, short term and long term basis, local drop-in classes and collaborations for retreats.



Finding balance is an ongoing quest. We are all subject to constant growth, change and new experiences. Yin and Yang classes bring attention to the body as a space and aim to find an equilibrium in which the two forces can coexist. The stable and the hidden versus the revealing and excited. All styles of yoga have this element to a certain level. However, in this case, Y&Y classes  have dynamic start, warming up the muscles and allowing the flow of energy, following softer yin approach reaching deeper to the connective tissue, that would not respond to fast and rhythmic pace of the Yang.


Traditional Hatha practice, which is at a slow pace, focusing on breath, flowing through a set of asanas that invigorate, lengthen our inner body and strengthen the core, balancing hormones and overall improving our mental well-being and decision-making. Hatha Yoga is often regarded as ‘mother’ to most yoga styles and the poses are gradually developed in order to be held comfortably and for longer period of time. Those classes are suitable for experienced practitioners as well as new student, elements of Hatha are integrated within morning flow, gentle classes and lunchtime sessions.


Practice, in which we align our thoughts and emotional state with our physical body, dissolving energetic knots that prevent us from using the greatest potential within ourselves. Poses are held for longer, sometimes with the use of props, reaching the more dense and deeper tissue, such as ligaments and joints. Yin yoga can be very soothing for those held back by anxiety, fear or physical disadvantages trapped in the body or when you need to reconnect to your body or just connect to the present moment.


Restorative classes are designed to connect to the deepest core of yourself, by paying attention to the present moment we heal the nervous system from various disturbances and re-occurring patterns that keep us stuck. It is soothing and greatly beneficial to those who are held back by traumas, stress or who have an extremely demanding lifestyle and find it difficult to center themself. The restorative self creates somewhat of a container or vessel in which you re-connects you not only to the beauty of your body but to deepest core, your truth, giving you direction, which can be explored and developed.

"What you cannot learn in your own body, you cannot learn nowhere else."

The Upanishads