"What you cannot learn in your own body, you cannot learn nowhere else."

The Upanishads

About Terezka

Growing up in the Czech Republic and later moving to the United Kingdom to study and work in art and design related practices, Terezka has always had a fascination with the ‘eastern way of living and being’. Finding the initial connection through yoga practice, which now extends over 8 years, she committed to further study of yoga and meditation in India and Nepal, and recently Indonesia, finding her own way of integrating yoga in a modern, busy life, with the intention to improve the way we observe and focus, the way we listen, move and respond to ourselves and our environment. She views yoga as a form of self-care, an inner structure from which one can grow and expand. Her practice and teaching are subject to constant development, a study in progress and continuous journey fueled by her previous personal struggles as well as achievements.

Terezka approaches her practice with a humble and curious attitude, guiding all participants to connect with their practice, themselves, encouraging individuals to turn self-knowledge into creativity, clarity and to feel content within their own being.

Her personal practice draws on previous experiences with classical Hatha, Ashtanga and  Iyengar Yoga, merging gently into a somatic approach, in which we learn to listen to ourselves through our body.

Accepting to work with whatever we have at given moment, gradually building up strength, resilience and flexibility that imprints into our character and personality, responses and connnectivity.

"Immensity is the movement of motionless man."

Gaston Bachelard


"Terezka is definitely one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever had. All of her classes are well-planned and focused, and each has a particular emphasis, often based on the particular needs of class members. She explains all the exercises very clearly and fully as she goes, directing participants’ awareness to the relevant parts of the body, or actions such as breathing. She takes into account the different needs and limitations of each participant, and often comes back the following week with suggestions or exercises helpful for individual issues. As someone who often has particular musculo-skeletal issues, it is really important to me that these are taken into account and that Terezka doesn’t run a ‘one size fits all’ class, expecting everyone to be able do the asanas to the same degree. The classes start and end with settling in and focusing, using a short chant, and that helps to make the class a distinct space in my life, particularly at stressful times."

Cynthia Shuken

"Terezka is one of the best yoga teachers that I have ever had. Her classes and her kind and informative way of teaching help me to centre myself again after a long working day, while exercising my body. She varies her classes depending on people’s needs, which allowed me to get back to yoga soon after an injury."

Jana Eyssel

"After class, I feel more centred, grounded, eased, stretched and in harmony. Always sleep better too!"

Annabelle Ridley

"Terezka puts a lot of herself into these sessions, and I get a lot out of them. I have tried numerous yoga classes over the years, but Terezka’s classes are the ones I have found to be most beneficial."

Carol Dowie

"Terezka is a wonderful facilitator, for anyone wanting to experience yoga, whether it be for the first time, or for those more experienced, wanting to deepen their practice. Her inquiring mind & passion for knowledge, her life experience & compassion, will have you feeling ‘in safe hands.’ Her voice will coax a little more, than you expected to give in your yang practice, and go a little deeper in Yin. I can’t recommend her highly enough - I’m sure you’ll love her too."


"Terezka is an amazing yoga teacher - very passionate about yoga, professional and supportive on your yoga path! Her classes are very well balanced. Each of them brings something new and you always feel comfortable at a class. Additionally, you also feel great after a class thanks to positive energy Terezka brings to a practice. I highly recommend attending class! "

Daria McDonald