Company Class, Private & Tailored, and Regular Practice

Company Class (35-75 mins)

Embodying Yoga offers a choice of mindful yoga practice to companies and organisations in Edinburgh, which are tailored specifically to needs of the participants, with time and length assigned to the practice considered. Classes are available to all levels, where participants gradually build up strength and flexibility, improving awareness of their breath and connecting to their body and emotional being. Developing a mindful approach to their body, reducing work-related stress, increasing clarity, which delivers better work performance and contributes overall to ones health.

Regular yoga practice is proven to have a positive and lasting impact on the mental and physical well being, which is crucial to focused and creative work. In encourages inclusion and teamwork.

Morning Flow

Available 7.30-10.30

Monday to Friday

Morning Flow is a gentle, flowing class that greets the morning with asana practice that gradually activates your body and mind to ease you into a blissful and more focused day.

Lunchtime Flow

Available 12.00-14.30

Monday to Friday

Gentle flowing sequence, that stretches the entire body, releasing the spine, connecting your breath with movement, allowing one to pause, centre and re-charge for the rest of the day.

Yin & Yang

Available 16.00-19.00

Monday to Thursday

This class is a blend of yang, heat rising sequence and yin yoga. Starting with a dynamic, all levels asana practice, followed by a slow transition of yin poses that open the body physically and energetically, allow you to slow down and reflect through your breath and mindful transitions.

Please note: Time and schedule are subject to availability.
Yoga mats to be provided on site, please see below for some options:

Classic sticky mats at £17 per mat, 4.5mm.
Simple mats at £6.95 per mat, 3mm or 6mm. I would recommend 6mm for a concrete floor. They are basic but do the job 🙂
Eco biodegradable mats at £29 per mat, 4mm. If environment and material are a priority.

Private & Tailored (50-90 mins)

You may be too busy or have an irregular lifestyle, that doesn’t allow you to commit to practice in a studio on regular bases or just feeling the need for individual approach, support while you connecting to your own body. Regardless of your circumstances and concerns, the class can be easily navigated around your schedule and requirements. The focus remains on where your body is in the present moment and where your breath can lead you on the next inhale.

‘Private and tailored’ are here for more in-depth and individual approach, whether you aim for a balance and trauma-conscious restorative practice, that allows you to slowly connect and rebuilt the relationship, you have with your body and consequently with yourself and the people around you.

Weekly, Monthly or ‘Once in a blue moon…’ (45-75 mins)

Connecting to one’s own community and the environment is essential. Being a bit of nomad myself, I find rooting, grounding, connecting and learning from people the most nourishing part of my inner yoga. There is so much we can learn from one another. These classes are available to all levels, however, some experience will allow one to explore the body, breath and personal limitations and openings in greater depth. If you wish to discuss any issues or previous injuries, please do so prior to the class in person or via email, I am a firm believer that “obstacle is a path” and therefore wish to accommodate the challenges that come rather than ignoring them. To share your next practice inquire below.